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  • A. B. Physics, Cornell University
  • NATO-NSF Program on Materials, University of Paris
  • Ph.D. Optics & Physics,
    Institute of Optics & Physics Dept., University of Rochester

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, London University, England
  • Certificate in Strategic Planning, American Management Assoc.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, NASA, Washington, D.C.


  • Bell Telephone Laboratories Murray Hill, NJ
  • Norman N. Axelrod Associates NY, NY

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Patents & Papers:

  • 11 US patents granted, 2 others in progress;
  • One U.S. patent was patented in 18 countries.
  • About 40 papers published.

Patent Assignees Include:
Bell Telephone System
Information Retrieval Systems Corp.
Labatt Ltd. (Canada)
Perkin-Elmer Corp.

Norman N. Axelrod planned, designed and delivered an automated multiple-sensor system that won the annual award of Medtronic (a multi-billion dollar, Fortune 500 corporation that manufactures medical instruments for sensing, diagnostics and control).

This automated multi-sensor system included machine vision, fiber optics, scanning, image acquisition & analysis, pattern recognition, gauging, defect detection, output signals for process control, image and data displays, automatic documentation, statistical analysis, three communicating computers, etc.

A description of this system is provided in an article by A. M. Ballangrud and N. N. Axelrod in Vision Systems Design magazine, May 1998.

Dr. Axelrod was Certified by Stature as a Certified Manufacturing Engineer in Machine Vision by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

He has been an expert witness and consultant in I.P., patent and International Trade Commission (Section 337) disputes. See:

He was elected to Sigma Xi (science honorary society) and to Pi Mu Epsilon (math honorary society).

Norman N. Axelrod was editor of the book, "Optical Properties of Dielectric Films".

Other Activities & Interests:

  • Member of Manhattan Sailing Club since 2006
  • One week sailing trips on 50 foot boats with 2 to 6 people to:
  • . Greek islands
  • . Caribbean
  • . Brazil
  • plus local sailing in NY Harbor, Hudson River, etc.
  • .
  • NYC: friends, restaurants, events/lectures, museums
  • Puzzles, poker, chess
  • Reading
  • Cabins near Woodstock, NY & Bar Harbor, Maine
  • .
  • Swimming: in Olympic pool in Aqua Center
  • .
  • Neurobiology: developments in how brain works,
  • . sensing, perception
  • Technology: advances, paradigm shifts .
  • Current events

    Email Norman N. Axelrod Associates
    445 East 86th Street
    New York, NY 10028