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Non-Contact Optical Sensing

  • Measurement Instrumentation
  • Computer-Automated Product & Process Control
  • Optical & Digital Image Processing

Optical Sensing Systems


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Representative Examples



Norman N. Axelrod Bio

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Axelrod Associates provides simple, effective solutions to complex optical sensing problems.

For example:

  • developed on-line, real-time computer-automated electro optics gauging & process control system. Gauges wall thickness / ovality & detects 1 mil defects in continuous coatings during production.
      System won the annual award of Medtronic, a Fortune 500 corporation. Optically gauges to +/-0.01 mil.
  • developed DNA / immunoassay techniques & systems using fluorescence, scattering and absorption with Gen Probe, Ortho Diagnostics and other corps.
      Improved reliability & sensitivity; simplified electro optics hardware & software.
  • developed, tested & installed electro optical instrument to quantitatively characterize personal care products in development at Unilever Research.
      System has shortened the development of improved products.
  • troubleshot electro optical systems (for guidance, ranging and imaging) of new generation of laser-guided bombs used by U.S. Air Force & NATO; worked with Lockheed-Martin's design, analysis, systems, assembly, QA groups.
      Improved performance including increasing distance over which range-distance could be measured.
  • developed systems to detect sub-micron and micron defects in photolithography masks for VLSI integrated circuits.
      Optical spatial filtering is used to image defects only and remove periodic circuit information before light reaches the camera. U.S. patents issued (assigned to Bell Labs & Perkin-Elmer Corp).
  • developed 2-way laser digital-communication system.
      Provided feasibility, design and bread-board demonstrations; led four teams in three states to develop manufacturable and marketable electro optical / mechanical / package designs. Designed/managed system tests on first manufactured units.

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