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Axelrod Associates solves practical problems for:

  • automated monitoring, control, product development, documentation
  • non-contact sensing, detection, gauging & recognition
  • product development, product & process control, quality control.
We solve immediate problems as well as long-standing problems for which no practical solution had been available.

These services become of immediate value when a current lack of suitable expertise and/or manpower in applying optics, electro optics and computer control would cause delay.

Norman N. Axelrod Associates provides a full range of services including contract development, feasibility, turn-key systems, system integration, computer control and software as well as technical planning, project reviews, troubleshooting, optical engineering and related services.

A complex background can hide defects and features (left), but optical techniques can bring them out. (below)

Optical techniques can suppress complex background features as shown.
Arrows point to same feature in both images, above, of same field of view.

In-house resources include computer-based vision systems and data acquisition systems, image processing, SMART OPTICSSM, fiber optics, lasers, software (for testing,control, analysis, design, etc.), electronics, and our ROBUST SYSTEMSM program for hardware and software development.

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