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NORMAN N. AXELROD ASSOCIATES PROVIDES MARKET RESEARCH to identify markets, technologies, and needs:

  • assesses competitor companies & technologies
  • extends markets for existing products
  • identifies emerging needs & markets
    and plans & develops products.

Axelrod Associates identifies and applies the possibilities in technology to real user needs. We make technology work for you.

For example:

  • consults on long & short term applications of technology to reach business objectives faster & more effectively.
    • ...Develops competitor assessments, technology roadmaps.
      ...Plans & manages product development programs.
      ...Generates strategic technical plans.

      ...Clients have included Angenieux Cie, Calor plc, Konishiroku Photo Industries, Lockheed Martin, Matsushita, Perkin-Elmer, Recognition Equipment Inc., Samsung, Sharp, Teijin, and Toshiba.

  • generated plan to convert on-line sensing system product for banking into on-line product for factory automation.
    • Product objectives defined in terms of system features, core technologies, target price & market size. Product need & industry profiles generated. Product profiles defined. Meetings arranged & held with potential partners (e.g. General Electric).

  • planned, developed & implemented new technology-based system to improve quality & productivity.
    • Multiple-computer sensing/image analysis/control/ display/ filing/document system by Axelrod Associates won annual award of Fortune 500 corporation. Exceeded objectives for improvements in quality & productivity. System developed and installed in four months.

  • assessed technology of M&A target company in rapidly emerging technology.
    • Visited company, with client President and CFO, to determine technological competence, competitiveness, and completeness of products, manufacturing and engineering.
  • guided fledgling Israeli technology company funded by international venture capital group.
    • Provided quantitative market assessments & development discipline to improve products and reduce development time. Performance rose to meet standards for new funding.

    Norman N. Axelrod Associates has experience with hundreds of companies in applications to manufacturing, instrumentation, product and process control, medical and surgical devices / instruments / systems.

    Axelrod Associates has provided market research to companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia.
    Dr. Axelrod has been an expert witness before the International Trade Commission (ITC - Section 337).

    Norman N. Axelrod

    Norman N. Axelrod provides experience & expertise in innovative, sound, profitable technical planning.

    He has:

    • identified needs for new & existing products
    • leveraged core technologies
    • planned & developed successful award-winning systems to improve productivity & quality

    He has identified, developed and consulted on opportunities for established products in new areas of application and for new technology in existing markets.

    Norman N. Axelrod generates simple, practical solutions to complex challenges.

    A partial client list includes:

      American Consumer Products
      Baker Botts
      Calor PLC
      Finnegan, Henderson et al
      Frost & Sullivan
      General Electric
      General Foods
      International FiberCom, Inc.
      Johnson & Johnson
      Konishiroku Photo Industries
      Matsushita Research Institute
      Medical Lab. Automation
      Recognition Equipment Inc.
      SPS Technologies
      Stanley Tools
      Unilever Research
      Wall Street Journal

    Dr. Norman N. Axelrod is a principal of Norman N. Axelrod Associates. He completed the PhD. at the University of Rochester in Physics and Optics, and the A.B. at Cornell University; studied at the University of Paris and spent post-doctoral years at the University of London and NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center. He did R & D at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ before joining Axelrod Associates.

    On the basis of his outstanding planning & development of new systems, he was Certified by Stature as a Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE) in Machine Vision by SME. He earned a certificate in Strategic Planning from the American Management Association. He is a fellow of AAAS.

    Additional biographical information on Norman N. Axelrod is available in Who's Who in Technology, Who's Who in Finance and Industry, Who's Who in Science & Engineering, American Men & Women of Science, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World.

    E-mail Norman N. Axelrod Associates
    445 East 86th Street
    New York, NY 10028

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