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Axelrod Associates develops and delivers integrated systems with optics, electro optics sensing, electronics & computer-control (signal processing, output control signals, displays, etc.)
OBUST SYSTEMSM methodology is used to automatically compensate for acceptable changes in product features and system performance during operation. It monitors, modifies & upgrades performance. It bullet-proofs the system.


FIGURE 1. On-line automated electro optics system for quality & process control. Determines ovality & concentricity, detects defects, assesses accept/reject. Coated wire moves from right to left through five stations: pin-hole detection, O.D.(x, y), coating thickness gauging (+/- 0.00001"), optical defect detection, defect marker. Generates product control signals and quality reports. Wire used in critical implanted medical device. System won annual award of multi-billion dollar U.S. corporation.


FIGURE 2. Laser communication system.
Free-space, duplex operation. Input signals through fiber optic or coaxial cables of transmitter modules. Output signals through fiber optic or coaxial cables of detection modules.


FIGURE 3. Tracking & positioning of friction-welding head for new-generation automated fabrication of commercial jet-planes. Compact system combines laser, electronic camera, folding optics and computer.
For higher resolution image, go to cover-image in Vision & Sensors magazine, March 2010:
Machine Vision Offers Ease of Operation
Our cover story starts on page 18: Machine Vision Adds Value


FIGURE 4. Consulted / troubleshot electro optics systems for guidance, ranging, and imaging in a new generation of laser guided smart bombs used in jet fighters at 600 mph by U.S. Air Force and NATO.

[with Lockheed Martin: worked with design, analysis, assembly, & QA groups; significantly improved performance.]



Additional information on ROBUST SYSTEMSM is available in articles:

"Smart Machine Vision Systems", Quality, Feb. 2011

"Digital & Optical Image Processing", Vision & Sensors, Jan 2011

Machine Vision Adds Value", in March 2010 issue of Vision and Sensors magazine

"Detect Defects Optically" Quality, May 2006, pp 42-44;

"Optical/Imaging System...", Vision Systems Design, May 1998, pp 30-39 by A. M. Ballangrud and N. N. Axelrod
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